Are You a Poop Fairy?

Are You a Poop Fairy?

If we take a small part of the fairy definition from the Webster Dictionary = a mythical being of folklore usually having diminutive human form and magic powers, then add it to the Webster poop definition = the act of defecating, we end up with this hybrid Poop Fairy = someone with magical powers dealing with crappy situations. Are you such a mythical person? 

While this idea of someone arriving and dealing with all dog shiz is fun and entertaining, it rarely (read never) happens. As a result we are left to the regular efforts of mere humans.

This begs the question, do you pick up after your dog? Of course you do. Great. Do you pick up after other dogs? Really? You are amazing and deserve to wear a crown to work. Forgive the sarcasm, because you really do deserve appreciation and are going way above the call of doodie (hee hee).

When it comes to other dogs, it is hard not to think the other owners should be responsible. If we don't ask complete strangers to change our child’s diaper, why would we ask a stranger to pick up our dog’s poop? Probably wouldn’t, but this is what happens when people don’t pick up. Leaving excrement requires someone else to deal with the problem. Not changing a diaper isn't an option. 

Thoughtful and generous souls take it upon themselves to clean up after other dog owners. They are unofficially dog poop fairies because they aren’t mythical and neither is the smelly stuff they are picking up, but they are doing something we expect to magically deal with itself and when it vanishes, it may as well have been because of a fairy. Thank you human fairies. We need human fairy day!

Are you someone who picks up after other dog owners? What is your reasoning behind this action? What would you like to say to dog owners who don’t pick up? Are you offended by left dog poops?



Here are the exact definitions from Merriam Webster online.




\ ˈfer-ē   \

plural fairies

Definition of fairy

1a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having diminutive human form and magic powers




 noun (2)

Definition of poop (Entry 4 of 6)


1FECES EXCREMENTAs a brand-new father, a new substance plays a big role in my life: poop.— Scott KramerAs the years go by, there's trouble in paradise, and it isn't just the ubiquitous goose poop.— Katherine Lanpher

2the act of defecating I have a complaint against dog owners that take their dogs for a walk but do not take a bag, then let their dog stop by people's mailboxes and take a poop.— Billie Johnston


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