How far do you carry your dog's poop?

As a dog owner, a walk can be one of the best parts of the day for both you and your pooch. You both get a little exercise and you get to clear your mind and enjoy the nice, clean air. At least, it's clean until someone starts pulling you towards their favorite spot to do their business. Maybe you live out in the country with the nearest neighbor miles away and can leave it where it is. Maybe you live in a city or take a walk in the dog park and have public trashcans at the ready. But if you're like a huge number of people, you live in a subdivision. You have to deal with the mess and the smell and scoop it up in a bag, and your idyllic walk has been ruined.

It wouldn't be very neighborly to get rid of your dog poop bag in anyone else's trashcan, right? So now you're stuck with an awkward extended arm and the the yucky smell of dog poop for the rest of your walk. Day after day your dog chooses this same spot, and day after day you have to deal with the offending odor all the way home. Maybe your spot is at the end of the walk and you can push through. Maybe it's at the beginning and you're tempted to rush home and either cut the walk short or confuse your dog by turning back around again. Or most likely it's somewhere just about halfway. What if there were a way that it didn't matter anymore where your dog goes? 

If you're tired of how far you have to carry your dog's poop, you can solve your dog poop problems with PooVault. The PooVault is a simple black case made of durable and recyclable #2 HDPE plastic. Attach the carabiner to your belt or leash before your walk, and once you've gotten your dog poop bag twisted and not knotted, drop it into the case. The clasp will keep the bag and the smell sealed in. Now you can keep your pup going as long as you like. They'll love having your full attention for the rest of your walk, and you'll love the chance to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about breathing in too deeply.

PooVault is currently available in black and red. The product is ideal for smaller dogs, but has been known to be sufficient for dogs as large as Labradors. Results vary based on breed, diet, exercise, and type of bag used. You know your dog's little gifts better than anyone, so if you're not sure that the product is right for you, keep your eye out for PooVaults for larger dogs that are currently in development. The company also sells waste bags, odor absorbers and bag dispensers to make your walks even easier! To keep up with all of the wonderful products they offer, you can sign up for the newsletter and receive a 25% discount on your first purchase. Walking the dog has never been easier.

Woman walking away from camera with dog on leash

This is what an odor free walk with a smelly dog poop bag looks like. 


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