Why don't dog owners pick up their dog's poop?

Why don't dog owners pick up their dog's poop?

Understandable Reluctance

Many dog owners are reluctant to bend way down and get personal with a pile of brown dog poop. They fear losing their balance and discovering the pungent joys of a face full of the stuff. This would give them a deeper appreciation of their dog's keen sense of smell, but the price is high.

Another possible explanation is the understandable fear of a sudden kick in the rear. A swaying behind is such a tempting target for drunken bar hoppers and outlaw skateboard gangs. Walking your dog isn't such a romp in the park.

Well, maybe it is, but dog poop likes to sneak into parks as well. You can't avoid poop piles just by visiting a beautiful nature preserve with lots of trees and squirrels and unidentifiable scents that make your dog happy. This makes you sad.

Aliens From Outer Space

You walk your dog every day. You probably go to different places on different days. You've doubtless encountered an unusual profusion of dark spots on the ground in some locations. You suspect their nature, but you refuse to investigate further. It's easier to politely ignore the mysterious spots.

Why in the world are there so many of them, though? Are aliens from outer space snatching up dog owners to probe their minds and then putting them down again with no memory of the kidnapping or the steaming pile they were about to scoop into a dog poop bag? Perhaps the aliens don't understand who's the boss -- the dog or the human who follows behind at the end of a leash. No matter how many humans they snatch, they still don't understand.

Probing doggy minds doesn't do much good either. All the aliens see is happy images of fleeing bunnies and delicious bowls of dog food. Maybe the aliens have radar-invisible spaceships and mind rays, but they aren't very smart.

Haste Makes Waste

Perhaps the answer is simpler. Perhaps some people are simply in a hurry to return to their other pursuits. They think walking their dogs is a speed race, and there's no time to clean up their messes. It's an unattractive attitude, but not everyone is socially responsible like you.

Who's the Boss?

Regardless of thoughtless individuals or the intriguing question of who's really the boss, cleaning up the smelly treats your dog likes to leave behind for Mother Nature to recycle is an icky chore you'd prefer to handle with a minimum of fuss. At PooVault, we feel your pain. We know about the involuntary wincing and embarrassment when a mischievous breeze brings home the power and the glory of a fresh pile of canine excrement.

We understand your aversion to mixing it up with a low-class poop pile even if it's socially isolated in a dog poop bag. We've worked hard to solve your problem with a thoughtfully designed dog poop bag holder. It's engineered to quietly do its job without banging into your side or ever losing sight of its mission.

A Smart Solution

Our PooVault dog poop bag carrier firmly prevents wayward leavings from causing trouble before they meet their doom in a trash can. It floats like a butterfly and stings odors into submission like a bumblebee. It's a solid vault that turns your walk into a pleasant outing all the way. Even your dog will notice the difference, and your friends sure will!

Future Plans

While we're proud of how our spiffy little product makes our customers happy, it does have one drawback. We originally designed it primarily for adorable smaller dogs. Our current lineup could be a bit too small for German Shepherds, Great Danes and Yetis. Wait, Yetis aren't pets. Well, you never know -- a Yeti might come to live with you because you're such a nice person.

We're working on the issue, though. To meet our high standards, a larger, more capacious dog poop bag holder must still tightly lock in odors while holding up under daily walks in the mountains, on the beaches or to that friendly coffee shop on the corner. We look forward to meeting your needs as the companion of a larger breed of fuzzy, unconditional love and happiness.

Fact-Filled Newsletter

We'd love to keep you up to date on dog news and short, funny stories about how the PooVault dog poop bag carrier has saved people from social awkwardness. Just to show our appreciation, everyone who signs up for our newsletter gets a 25-percent discount on our elegant solution to the problem of discreetly confining doggy odors until they vanish into a convenient waste receptacle.

Thank you so much for your business!

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  • Sue Goldfarb

    I think that the reason people don’t pick up their dogs poop is because they are lazy!!!!!!

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