Large Number Two Bag

$ 25.00

This is the Large Number Two Bag, which is a soft sided solution for carrying and containing anything you don't want to smell like dog waste bags, diapers, your trash or someone else's trash. It is made with high performance materials and a waterproof zipper to keep the icky in so you can enjoy fresh air. Especially, if it is the only time of the day you don't have a face mask on, you need fresh air and not icky smelly odors.

When it comes time to remove the contents, grab the bags and there is a tab at the bottom to pull out the liner to make sure all debris is gone and can be easily cleaned if needed. 

The Large Number Two bag comes with the main odor compartment to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, which also has a mesh pocket to hold a desiccant if you prefer a little added odor abatement.

Additionally, there is a separate pocket to carry your phone, keys, hand sanitizer and snacks, that is not near the odor compartment. 

It has a comfortable foam backer with a built in 1 1/2" webbing belt with wings to make transport easy, comfortable and with little bounce. At the bottom of the back is a pocket to carry pre-made rolls of bags or vegetable/grocery store bags. They feed out a convenient neoprene x on the side, making it easy to access when the time arrives, which we know it will. 

There are little webbing extenders on the zippers to make opening/closing easy. 

This Large Number Two bag is designed to make every walk more happy and less crappy. 

It is only available in Gray/Black as of this moment.  

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