My Story

Fender the yellow lab under cherry blossomsSeveral years ago I would take my son to piano lessons in a neighborhood where each house and garage faced the street. There was a house, then fence, house, fence, repeat and no trash cans available anywhere. Eek! 

Walking my dog while carrying the dog waste bag for the whole piano lesson was WAY too much time with the smelly load. Every walk was about finding a trash can left out, which rarely occurred, so really it was more about how long would I have to carry the bag. I love him, but his poop stinks and the lack of receptacles made every walk a bummer. (He doesn't know about this - - don't want to stress him out and ruin his naps or life).

Sometimes, I would squeeze the top of the bag, where you hold it, into the top of my car window and let it hang outside until I found a trash. It was disgusting, but better than in the car.   

This recurring experience, along with wondering when is it okay to use another person's garbage, influenced the Poo Vault. 

My name is Jess, I live in Idaho with my husband, son and labrador Maeve. Fen (who is the handsome dog in this picture) passed away February 6, 2020. His passing left all of us broken hearted. Maeve has had huge paws to fill, but seems to be up to the task. 

Fender inspired me to create the Poo Vault and to think about products other dog lovers might enjoy. I love walking with the Poo Vault and not smelling dog poop. Fen weighed about 70 pounds and Maeve is similar, which means I can get two of their eliminations into a regular Poo Vault. That said, I am an expert and will not be there to load your Poo Vault, so I recommend it be used for dogs up to 55 pounds, just to be on the safe side. 

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts or whatever, I can be reached at jessicastreib at poovault dot com or use the form. 

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