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Backcountry K-9

Jason from Backcountry K-9 did a spot on review of the PooVault which can be enjoyed at PooVault Product Review.


Here is a video review by Samantha Randall of TopDogTips. It is an honest review that clearly shows the benefits of the PooVault. Check it out Here. 


A Modern Dog Fave Find 2017

PooVault Locks Up Poop, in Bay Woof


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Keep Odors Locked Inside with the PooVault
To read the whole review, visit My Dog Likes Here. 



Dr. Ruth MacPete the Pet Vet
Dr. Ruth included the PooVault in her review of SuperZoo 2017. To learn more, visit her site

Stop The Stink With Poo Vault!
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Stop the stink with Poo Vault! Don’t you just despise carrying around bags of poop? The smell is so nasty, almost like carrying around hazardous waste! Just when you thought there was nothing you could do besides finding a garbage can, I found a solution for you! To read the rest, visit My GBGV Life.
Hold Poop Bags Hands Free on That Mutt
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The PooVault is a hard-sided container to hold used poop bags until you reach a trash can. Hands free and odor free!
My mutt Ace is one of those dogs who shits 3 times on a walk … never when we’re right by a trash can … always in the most inconvenient places. 
To read the rest of Lindsay's post, visit ThatMutt.


The PooVault for a dog on a Raw Food Diet on Keep the Tail Wagging
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Turns out a higher quality diet often results in a smaller poop, which is more convenient for everyone and certainly makes fitting into a PooVault easily a non-issue. If you are interested in learning more about this, visit Keep the Tail Wagging to see Kimberly Gauthier's full article.