PooVault Limited Warranty

Thank you for the purchase of a PooVault. We hope it has provided you with better smelling days. However, things happen, so we are here to discuss our warranty.

We offer a full replacement to any PooVault that arrives with a manufacturing defect. Let us know about the issue by emailing jessicastreib@poovault.com and we will begin the replacement process.

If you realize you hate the PooVault and it is still in the same condition as when you received it, email jessicastreib@poovault.com for instructions on returning for a refund.

We offer coverage of any negligence that may have occurred before the item was shipped. If any damage occurs during shipping, it is the shipper’s responsibility. Once the package is received, it is the recipient’s responsibility. All damage that occurs to the PooVault during the recipient’s use is the recipient’s responsibility. If anything is cracked, broken or disfigured because of an accident or misuse, this is not PooVault’s responsibility. It is possible to ruin a PooVault if not treated properly, because the PooVault is designed to carry smelly dog poop bags. The PooVault is designed to handle the motion of the body, but not hard jolts or heavy twisting. When these motions occur, it is possible to cause permanent damage. This sort of damage is not covered by this or any other warranty. This is the customer’s responsibility to not apply unusual force to the PooVault.

If the PooVault causes harm to you or your family, please send an email to the above address with the specific information.