Poo Bags Allowed Here Sticker - Does the talking! - Dog poop bags

Poo Bags Allowed Here Sticker - Does the talking!

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Have you had the situation where you finally come to a trash can but you aren't sure how the trash can owner will react to your uninvited deposit? Or maybe you found a fresh load in your can and wondered what that person was thinking? Were they worried? Since the likelihood is low that walkers and trash can owners are going to be in the same place at the same time on a regular basis, here is a sticker to help with communication. It is short and sweet. It says you have a dog and know dog poop bags need to go somewhere.  

This is a 3" x 3" rounded square vinyl bumper sticker for trash receptacles, garbage cans, bins, windows, doors or wherever it best serves outside. It is made out of high quality vinyl that will not damage or leave residue.

Let the vinyl sticker do the talking for your garbage can!