PooVault BELT

$ 15.99

This custom belt is designed to schlep the PooVault so you can walk with your arms free at your sides. With the help of velcro and webbing, the PooVault silently hangs on for the ride. It is possible to set out on your walks with just your belt to carry your PooVault, dog poop bags and a pouch for your phone and keys. It is about having an easy walk with your favorite four legged friend. 

The belt comes with one free roll of dog poop bags and velcro for attaching the PooVault. The images show where and how the PooVault attaches, but it does not come with a PooVault unless that is selected. 

The belt is nylon webbing, with a nylon bag pouch and a nylon phone pouch. Additionally, it has a d-ring and a side release buckle. That's it. Made with love in the USA.  

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