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Poo Vaults make every walk MORE Happy and LESS Crappy.

Engineered Latch

Close with one hand

Lid with seal

Locks in Offensive Odors

Fully Recyclable

The Poo Vault is made out of #2 HDPE

Belt Clip and Carabiner

Attach to pocket, belt or leash

Do you pick up dog poop?

Why get a Poo Vault?

> To not have an awkward bag of dog poop hanging from your hand.

> To not smell dog poop during your walk.

> To be able to converse with friends or strangers without a smelly and dirty bag taking away your attention.

> More sanitary.

> Attaches to leash with carabiner, clips on pocket or belt with belt clip or sits in hand and makes the problem go away.

> Holds in offensive odors with strong seal.

> Made in the United States.

> Made from #2 HDPE which is recyclable everywhere.

> Matches all outfits.

The Original Poo Vault

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