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MoHapDog Story

In the beginning, we wanted to solve the problem of carrying smelly dog poop bags and created the PooVault. Then, after spending time with many dog owners who love to walk, hike and explore, we were inspired to create more offerings to contribute to happy walks. These new developments come from the PooVault people, but are offered through MoHapDog because not everyone wants poo on their head or car. Now you know everything so let's do this. 

More on the PooVault

Deuce Dog Sticker
More Happy Less Crappy Sticker

Dog Ownership does not require smelling Dog Poop

Many responsible owners pick up after their dogs' because that is the right thing to do, but then they think it is required to smell it the rest of the walk. Whether you are walking 100 or 1,000 feet, there is no need to smell dog poop. 

How can a PooVault help?

No awkward bag in hand (woohoo).

No foul smells (Yes, crazy times are here).

No germs jumping off bag because it is inside.

Hands free because it is attached with built in belt clip or carabiner.

Made with recyclable HDPE #2

Made in the USA

Let me see one
Original black poovault on white background

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We want you to be Happy

The PooVault was created to make every walk more happy. If it is delivering anything less than this, please ask us for a refund. 

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We donate to the Idaho Humane Society

Boise is fortunate to have this wonderful organization making a difference in our community.