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Poo Vaults make every walk MORE Happy and LESS Crappy.

The awkward extended poop arm

Tazo's Dog Poo Story

A crossfit instructor trying to get a workout in with his dog

Using a Poo Vault means:

> No awkward bag in hand.

> No odor while walking.

> More hygienic.

> Hands free when using belt clip on pocket or belt (best way).

> Hands free when attached to leash with carabiner.

> Easier time chatting with friends, strangers and possible future life partners (put your best non smelly foot forward!).

> Buying American, because it is Made in the United States.

> Being responsible, because it is made from #2 HDPE which is recyclable everywhere.

> Being stunning, because it matches all outfits (plaids or solids) and dogs (not so much for cats).

Convenient. Odorless. More Hygienic.

Now your dog knows you aren't suffering.

Longer Walks. Happier and Healthier Families.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

More Hygienic

Engineered Clasp to keep lid closed!


Use either the belt clip or carabiner to transport

Made in the USA

HDPE #2 Recyclable Everywhere

O-Ring for Odors

Holds in offensive odors

We Donate to Idaho Humane Society

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