Excited to smell your dog's poop bag on your next walk? 

How about catching up with your neighbor while inhaling the fragrance of a full bag?

Icky! Don't do it. We can help.


When I ordered the Poo Vault I had my doubts about whether it would be worth the cost; when it arrived, I still wasn't convinced. Well, today I used it for the first time and I LOVE it! It seals absolutely odor-tight; it hangs on the same belt as my clicker and treat-pouch without feeling heavy or clunky (that was the biggest surprise), and has enough space for half a day's worth of poo bags. 

Cynthia in Wisconsin

I've never been excited for my dog to take a poo before! That changed today when we got to put the Poo Vault to the test! It was worth the wait, works great! I didn't have to find an alleyway to sneak poo into someone's trash, just carried home and tossed! It clips perfectly to the walking belt I use. Thanks for the cool invention.

Kelsie in North Dakota

Now my friends will walk with me since I'm not holding poop! They used to run 20 feet ahead of me. It's nice to be back in the group!

Thank you,


The Awkward Extended Arm

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Better Walks.

Happier and Healthier Dog Parents and Dogs. 

Now your dog knows you aren't suffering.


I love my Poo vault and it serves the purpose that it was made for as I hate carrying those poo bags in my hand till I can dispose of them.


It's very handy! It is excellent for when I talk to the neighbors.


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