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The number one question is what size is the PooVault?

Here is a picture that gives you dimensions. The PooVault has been known to hold two bags of 70 pound Labrador poop, but realize it is hard to make generalizations about what size dog is a perfect fit because of diet, exercise, digestion and how much air is in the bag. We recommend the PooVault for dogs 55 pounds and lower to be safe. A larger PooVault is in the works.


PooVault with measurements

Tennis balls on the PooVault



Do I just scoop up poop with the Poo Vault?

No. Icky. While this is a possibility, it is not recommended because of the cleaning involved. Using a dog poop bag is the ideal combination.


What is the best way to use bags with the Poo Vault?

After you pick up the feces, just twist the bag in a way that minimizes the amount of air captured, then set it into the Poo Vault. The less air in the bag, the more space in the Poo Vault, which means more bags and longer walks. You'll become an expert.