Eco-Friendly Recycled Dog Waste Bags - Dog poop bags

Eco-Friendly Recycled Dog Waste Bags

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This package includes 8 award-winning recycled dog poop bag rolls, that will not let your down. These poop bags contain a minimum of 20% recycled material and they're blended with TDPA Technology from epi to earn three national certifications from the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials). The TDPA technology helps the bags break down faster.

Each roll includes 15 unscented poop bags and they'll fit most dispensers.  Perforated for easy tearing, these bags are large (9x13 inches), thick, and leak proof holding water for over 7 days with no issues. 
Subscriptions are welcome. We are not psychic, but believe your four legged friend will continue to need bags in the future. If you want to set up a delivery subscription to make this part of your life more convenient, just select the frequency you prefer and we will do the rest. Many dogs go atleast twice a day, which comes to 60 bags a month and there are 15 bags on a roll and 8 rolls in a box, which means one box every two months. However, if your dog goes more than twice a day, which is the case with my dog, then adjust accordingly.