USDA Certified Biobased Dog Waste Bags

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Poopbags the company, has a number of wonderful products, which includes these biobased bags. Many dog owners want bags that are good for the environment, but don't always know if the bags they are buying actually are good. Unfortunately, there are many bags out there that market themselves as "green" or "earth" oriented to capture on this sentiment, when in fact they are just plain old bags. Companies that are trying to offer biodegradability in their bags go to great pains to get the different certifications to show they are what they say. If you don't see any sort of certification, it is safe to say there are no unique or hard earned certifications. 

In the case of these bags, the US Department of Agriculture has certified them biobased because over 38% of the materials are from harvested plants. They are smooth, strong and reliable.