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5 Ways To Become a More Earth-Friendly Dog Owner


Dogs enhance our lives in many ways. They help us cope with anxiety and loneliness, encourage healthier lifestyles, and provide years of entertainment and unconditional love. If you’re a dog owner who also cares about the planet, you’ll be happy to know there are some easy steps you can take to become a more earth-friendly dog owner.

Recycle Materials

Avoid adding paper towels and other disposable materials to landfills. Instead, use old towels or rags to clean up after your pet. If your dog has outgrown his bed, toys, or other supplies that are still in good condition, consider donating them. Local animal shelters are always in need, or you may have a friend or family member who could put them to good use.

Choose Natural Flea and Tick Control

Many popular flea and tick treatments can be toxic to both pets and humans. It’s important to keep your dog free of infestations, but at what cost? Essential oils, garlic, and vinegar are all safe and natural pest prevention methods. Do your research and choose the best solution for your furry friend.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural substance made up of marine life fossils that have been crushed into tiny pieces. It is deadly to insects while being completely harmless to your pet. The food-grade version of this substance can be used to treat internal parasites like hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

Always Clean Up After Your Pet

Animal waste left on the ground is not only unsightly, it can spread disease, attract flies, and pollute the environment. Rain storms wash feces directly into waterways and create excess nitrogen that is harmful to fish and wildlife.

Even the most responsible pet owners may be tempted to skip this important task when faced with the idea of carrying around a steaming bag of poop while searching for a trash can. The Poo Vault is a handy accessory that seals poo away in a discreet and odorless container. Simply hook it to your belt loop or leash so you and your dog can both enjoy the rest of your walk.

Spay or Neuter

There are far too many unwanted or neglected animals in shelters. Spaying or neutering your pet will help ensure you don’t contribute to the world’s overpopulation problem. Many shelters, vets, and local Humane societies offer free or reduced-cost spay and neuter programs.

If taking care of the planet is important to you (and it should be!), you can start by taking these few simple steps. Do you have any other earth-friendly tips for dog owners? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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