Don't carry a dog poop bag in your hand! There are alternatives.

Image of a Residential Subdivision with green grass

The PooVault was created to eliminate the awkwardness that occurs when carrying a smelly bag of poop. Some people let their dogs into their yards to empty out. Others walk outside and live five feet from a garbage can. Of course, there are those that live near open space where dogs run 50 yards away and do their thing. But, for many of us, if we walk in certain subdivisions, trashcans are stored behind fences or in garbages. It is likely the homeowner's association made a rule about how long trash cans can sit on the curb. These non garbage days are tough when you have a bag of poop.

So, what do you do? You carry it. It might be smelly, warm, gross or awkward, but what are you going to do? The rest of your walk becomes about finding the elusive trash can that will be super beautiful when you find it. 

Of course, if it is trash day, it brings up the question of if it is acceptable to use another person's garbage without their permission. What if they don't have a pet or baby, and their trash isn't very smelly? Is it fair that their trash is smelling more this week? I don't know, we can talk about it in another post. 

If you find yourself in a neighborhood where trash access is limited, you don't need to suffer. Your dog doesn't want you to suffer. You don't need to cut your walk short. Pick up the dog poop, twist the bag close to the waste, then place in a PooVault. The clasp is heavily engineered to keep the bag enclosed so you don't need to worry about breakage, germs, hygiene, odor, awkwardness or inconvenience. Walking your dog is one of the great joys of dog ownership and why let a little poop ruin it? 

It is amazing to see how happy my dog is to go on the same walk over and over. Every time he acts like I have taken him to a magical world full of stories and possibilities. When he is so uplifted, it is hard for me not to get on board. 

Happy walking!


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