Dog Poop Fines Are On The Rise Worldwide

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Dog Poop Fines Are On The Rise Worldwide

Pet owners who leave their dog poop behind are in for an unpleasant surprise of their own. Cities across the globe are cracking down on this foul and unhealthy habit. Almost every city worldwide has regulations regarding proper disposal of pet waste, and owners who fail to comply can expect to be met with stiff penalties.

In parts of Great Britain, dog walkers must be prepared to clean up after their pets at all times. Recently enacted rules require anyone walking a dog in public to carry at least two bags for waste disposal. Authorized officers may approach dog walkers and ask to see the bags. If unable to comply, they can be fined up to £80, before the dog has even done his business!

The Spanish city of Mislata has instituted a mandatory canine registry. When street cleaners come across abandoned feces, they can actually take a sample and send it away for laboratory testing. The DNA can be used to identify the specific canine offender, and its owner will be fined up to €200.

In the United States, a doggie DNA lab called Poo Prints in Knoxville TN provides a similar service to condo and apartment managers. Fines for the initial offense start at $150.

In an effort to crack down on the problem in the seaside city of Rye, NH, fees were recently increased ten-fold from $100 to a hefty $1,000.

This offense will continue to attract the attention of lawmakers, and you can expect to find more cities enacting serious penalties.

So why do some dog owners still leave waste behind?

The traditional method of picking up dog poop is inconvenient. Nobody wants to walk around the neighborhood carrying a bag full of hot, steamy dog poo. The PooVault odorless carrier helps eliminate this problem. This hard-sided container seals away the bag and discreetly clips to your belt loop or leash.

As a responsible pet owner, you know it’s important to pick up after your dog. Not only is it the right thing to do, but skipping this step can now result in a serious smack to your wallet. Making sure you are well-prepared will help to avoid serious potential headaches and allow you to enjoy spending time with your pet.

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