Why walking your dog is good

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Why walking your dog is good

Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Did you know the majority of dogs are not taken on daily walks? And of those that are taken for daily walks, most of them are just taken for quick jaunts to relieve themselves and then quickly back home? There are many reasons why people are not properly caring for their pets by walking them regularly, but we believe one reason is because of one thing: smelly dog poop bags.

At PooVault, we know even as a dog owner, cleaning up dog poop can be messy, stinky, and just all around crappy (pun intended). We know that nobody really wants to carry a dog poop bag around with them every morning. However, we also know that as a dog owner, dog waste is a fact of life, one of life's unfortunate certainties, like death and taxes. With the PooVault, you can make the best of a smelly situation and start enjoying time with your dog in the fresh air. Here are some of the main reasons your dog should get long walks every day:

Keeps Your Dog Healthy

The same health benefits of exercise that apply to your human body apply to your dog's body. Exercise will make your dog more flexible, limber, and overall healthier. Exercise can ward off disease, including cancer and heart disease in both you and your pet, so there are a lot of reasons for both of you to get up off the couch and head outside with everything you need for a fun walk.

It's Good for You, Too

One of the reasons many people neglect to walk their dogs is because they have a sedentary lifestyle that doesn’t lend itself to daily walks. Forcing yourself to get out and walk your dog ensures that you are getting needed exercise, which provides great health benefits.

Protects Digestive Health

Like it or not, and as much as we hate to say it, at PooVault, we have a vested interest in your dog's ability to defecate. Dog waste is kind of our business. So when we hear that 80% of dog owners are not walking their dogs, we get a little testy. Daily walks are good for your dog's digestive system and help relieve constipation like few things can.

Minimize Destructive Behavior

Have you found that if you skip walking your four-legged friend one day, he gets a little antsy? If he's like most dogs, then the answer is probably yes. Dogs who are exercised appropriately are generally better behaved. Their daily walk not only keeps them physically fit, but improves mental health by lowering anxiety. But don't give your dog chocolate or wine; that's only helpful for your mental health.

Shows Love To Your Dog

The clearest way a dog knows you care about them is when you interact and play. A pat here and there doesn’t tell them you care as much as throwing a ball or going on a walk.

There is a reason dogs do the happy dance when leashes come out; the best part of the day is coming. Who doesn’t want to tell their dog they love them?

Not So Bad

In the end, carrying a dog waste bag with you is not so bad. It helps keep your community clean and protects people from having to step in dog poop while they're going about their day. But if the smell is getting to you, or if the unsightliness of a dog poop bag is too much for you to handle, our specially formulated product is designed to replace that dog waste bag and eliminate the smell. If you've been avoiding taking Fido on those long walks you know he loves because you hate carrying a poop bag around with you, let us know. We can help.


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    Poop is what puts me off We don’t have any bins .i walk her every day .

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