Original Black PooVault with Easy Latch

$ 14.99

The PooVault carries offensive odors and gross germs, so you can focus on enjoying your walk and not on where you'll find the next trash can. 

NOTE ON STICKER: The PV comes with a MoHapDog sticker on the lower corner and the round PooVault sticker in the photographs is included with the carabiner on the inside making it possible for you to decide what you want to display on the outside. 

The PooVault weighs less than an iPhone, is ideal for two bags from a 55 to 60 pound dog, is made in the USA from recyclable HDPE and comes with a 100% return guarantee. It is the best full dog poop bag solution on the market. It is a low price to pay for the number of hours you will not smell dog poop. 

This is the original black PooVault that has undergone high zoot engineering, customer testing and now is ready to carry your dog's smelly poop bags. It holds in the smell and germs with an o-ring in the lid and a snug but easy latch (recreated in April of 2018), so you can enjoy fresh air and being with your pup. It can be attached to your leash with the carabiner, or to your belt or pocket with the built-in belt clip, creating a hands-free experience. Ideally, the PooVault does the dreaded task of dealing with offensive waste and awkward carrying positions, so you can have a nice walk.

Know in your heart and head that you are keeping people employed in American Manufacturing jobs when you purchase the PooVault. Additionally, you are keeping plastics from turning into harmful little pieces out of the ocean by using recyclable HDPE, which is the recyclable . Woohoo. 

The PooVault with a carabiner weighs 4.9 ounces (an iPhone 6 weighs 6.75 ounces). Volume is 400 ml or 14 ounces. 

SIZE MATTERS: The PooVault can carry two poops from a 70 pound Labrador, but without knowing the size, activity level and diet of a specific dog, it is hard to know what to recommend, so to be on the safe side, we recommend it for dogs 55 pounds or smaller.

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