PooVault Gift Box in Black

$ 24.99

This is the standard PooVault Gift Box. The box comes with an original Black PooVault, PooVault odor absorbents for additional odor protection, a box of dog poop bags and a More Happy Less Crappy vinyl sticker. All of these products can be ordered individually, but this is a better value. 

This is a wonderful gift for new or existing dog owners. It will be a hit for anyone who needs to carry full dog poop bags before reaching a trash can. It is also a great gift for yourself if you want to get the whole kit. 


1 - PooVault 

1 - PooVault Odor Absorbent (5 desiccants)

1 - Box of 8 rolls of Recycled Dog PoopBags = 120 Bags

1- "More Happy, Less Crappy" Vinyl Sticker

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