MoHapDog is about celebrating and enjoying our relationships with our four legged friends.

This happens as they ride in the car, go on adventures, watch us make delicious meals, sleep while we work or when they listen to our secrets.

May they be More Happy Dogs, aka MoHapDogs

Dog Ownership does not require smelling Dog Poop

Many responsible owners pick up after their dogs because this is the right thing to do, but then they think it is required to smell it the rest of the walk. Whether you are walking 100 or 1,000 feet, there is no need to smell dog poop. 

How can a PooVault or NumberTwo Bag help?

No awkward bag in hand. Yay! 

No foul smells (Yes, crazy times are here).

No germs jumping off bag because the gross stuff is inside.

Hands free because it is attached with built in belt clip or carabiner.

Size Matters

Each person has a unique circumstance based on the size of their dog, weight, what they eat, how they digest, how active they are and how the planets are aligned. Lots of variables. As a result, we recommend:

The Original PooVault is good for 60-70 pound dogs or smaller.

The Small Number Two Bag is good for all dogs up to 90 pounds.

The Large Number Two bag is good for any weight and multiple dogs.


I don’t know how I got along without the PooVault for so long. I hike in the foothills on many trails without garbage cans so I have to carry out the dog poo. I opened up the vault in the car upon pulling into the garage and couldn’t believe the stench that filled the car. The poo vault really does contain the smell. I had no idea how well it worked until I opened it up in the car and about passed out from the smell. Couldn’t smell a thing prior to opening up the vault. It truly is amazing. 


Large Number Two Bag Video

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We want you to be Happy

All MoHapDog products were created to make every walk more happy. If something is delivering anything less than this, please ask us for a refund. 

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